Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Wonder Girls get mobbed at their own ‘flash mob’ performance!

True to their reputation as the k-pop world’s most relatable idols, the Wonder Girls recently scheduled an event to perform their latest hit “Like This” at a public mall with an open audience of spectators. In a hilarious turn of events, the fans proved to be more than security could handle.

As t=a video report by SSTV reveals, crowds of passerbys immediately formed when news spread about the performance, and the Wonder Girls were led to an open platform at the center of the mall by security.

As the girls kicked off their signature performance of “Like This”, the throng of spectators surrounding the quintet began slowly pressing closer in. Within the first minute, the performance is forced to come to a halt because the girls were so cramped that they couldn’t dance. As the song continues to blare in the background, the video shows the girls laughing as they’re surrounded by cameras and people trying to do the dance.

Once security was able to maintain crowd control, four members returned to the stage and Yubin announced onstage that that Sohee had been lost in the chaos. As the girls film a greeting message later on, the clip shows Sohee safely emerging from the crowd to join the girls. With the quintet intact, the Wonder Girls then give the performance a second try, this time under the watchful eyes of security.

The entire ordeal is hilarious; check out the entire video below! The first performance goes from 0:24 to 1:38, and Sohee is lost then found at 2:23 & 3:03. Check out the video below –

Many have expressed amusement of the event, one viewer even likening the crowd to a ‘zombie horde’. “It looks like Sohee got lost and had to run out,” one commented, while another shared, “Can’t blame them, honestly. Wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were shopping and suddenly the Wonder Girls appear out of nowhere and start dancing?

TEMPLATE BY Opa Soparudin © 2012. Just for Sharing!

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