Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

4 Recent Funny KPOP Moments/Bloopers!

With so many new debuts, comebacks, performances, and variety shows, there’s always bound to be hilarious moments in KPOP. Below are 4 hilariously adorable moments in recent times!


#4. Girls’ Generation Tiffany’s Cute MC mistake – Almost calls INFINITE “girls”


#3. Baekhyun – “Where are you going?” *Smile* (0:25 second mark)


#2. Tough guy Kim Soo Hyun – “Screams like a little girl”


#1. CROSS GENE on their “La Di Da Di” Debut Performance – We like to call this the “Over achiever a.k.a Superman” (1:20 second mark). This one is by far our favorite of recent times.


Any funny moments we missed from recent times? Send us a tip and we’ll do a continuation!

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