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B2ST’s Yoseob expresses his confidence in B2ST’s new album

B2ST is coming back in a year and two months with their 5th mini album, ‘Midnight Sun‘. They have put aside their previous sound and to challenge themselves with an electronic-synth pop genre for the first time.

The change is big especially for the main vocalist Yoseob who has a solo dance segment for the performance of “It’s Not Me“. He shared, “I’m shy about dancing but I think the choreographer gave me a solo dance in order to tell me to have more confidence in dancing.”

When talking about the musical transformation, Yoseob revealed, “After contemplating with the members, we decided on the album’s direction and we think we have produced the best album. I’m also confident about the transformation.”

Meanwhile, B2ST will have their first comeback stage on the 27th with performances of “Beautiful Night” and “It’s Not Me” on KBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘.

Source+Picture: Star Interviews via Chosun

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