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Brown Eyed Girls discuss marriage in latest interview

The Brown Eyed Girls have returned with their new digital single ‘The Original‘, marking the group’s comeback after eight months since their last release, ‘Cleansing Cream‘.

The ladies recently sat down for an interview with OSEN, and discussed dating, future marriage plans, and the promise they made to not get married until they reach 34 years of age.

They revealed, “It doesn’t seem like the right time for us to think about marriage yet. Dating is difficult for us as well.”

Narsha began by saying, “Since my late twenties, I’ve been frequently told to go on blind dates for a prospective marriage partner by my family, but I feel like dating is a must. There’s nothing wrong with what the grown ups are saying, but I’m just not too fond of arranged dates set by the families.

However, dating isn’t easy either. Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking a lot lately, but I have become more picky regarding what’s right for me and what’s not. Though we interact with a lot of people during our promotional activities, [dating] is not easy.”

Leader JeA, who co-composed their latest title track “One Summer Night’s Dream“, commented, “I’m vicariously living through SBS‘ ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘. I even wrote a song while watching the drama. However, even when I start having feelings for somebody, it ends up not working out. Dating has become difficult as my standards for men gradually keep getting higher and higher.”

In order to compose good music, you need a lot of experience. Throughout the years, I think I’ve been living too [upright]. When I try to have fun a little, it just doesn’t suit me. Even my family still views me as a baby, so they haven’t discussed marriage with me yet.”

JeA then laughed as she added, “I told the other members that we shouldn’t get married until we turn 34 years old, but Miryo strongly opposed it.”

Lastly, Narsha shared, “When I look at my future now, I contemplate a lot about when I would get married and what I should do about our promotional activities. There is a difference between singing and acting. There are many actresses who have returned with a better image after getting married, but it’s not the same for singers. Because we are a girl group, I worry about how the public will view us if we were to get married.”

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

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