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Don’t find EvoL’s album cutting edge? Cho PD promises full refund!


Cho PD told allkpop today, that his upcoming girl group ‘EvoL‘, will be releasing a full-length album for their debut. Confident in the girls’ musical ability, the producer and CEO stated that the girls would be triumphant, amidst the rampant singles released in the music industry now.

A representative from Stardom Entertainment stated, “We began production with the goal of producing not just a simple girl group album, but rather a classic album“.

Releasing two song teasers(1, 2) and one video teaser during the past two weeks, EvoL is receiving much interest from K-pop fans worldwide.

The agency added, “EvoL participated not only in the lyric writing, and producing of the album but also the choreography. The group is planning to reveal the products of their hard work sequentially after their debut.”

In hopes of creating a girl group that produces their own songs and choreograph’s their own dance routines like first generation idol group, ‘Seo Taiji and Boys‘, Cho PD focused especially on finding members that possessed these abilities.

The producer expressed his honest opinion about the current music industry, saying that the many groups sprouting up without a well-defined strategy or possession of fully matured talent have the possibility of lowering the quality of Hallyu. Claiming to unveil a girl group ‘never seen before‘, Cho PD revealed he would fully refund album buyers who do not find the album new and innovative.

EvoL’s album will continue to be slowly revealed over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more on EvoL!

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