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IU successfully finishes her first concert tour with 20,000 fans

IU successfully finished her first concert tour, crossing over between ‘REAL’ and ‘FANTASY.’

IU kicked off her tour in June with the first concert in Seoul and finished the two month tour, with her last concert in Daegu just yesterday on the 15th.

The performance industry was surprised to find IU, as a 20′s solo female artist, recording a 90% average ticket sales rate for her 11 concerts. She brought in a total audience of 20,000.

In preparation for this tour, IU prepared a diverse repertoire to make the performance enjoyable for all generations. Together with the music director G.Gorilla, she chose songs of various genres including dance, ballad, acoustic, and trot, and greeted the fans with a powerful sound produced by a large orchestra.

The concerts were enjoyable not only for the main audience of male fans but also for the parents who came to the concerts with their children. IU grabbed the hearts of fans by showcasing her outstanding vocals, unshaken by the three hour long performance.

IU’s concerts also boasted an amazing guest line-up. IU showed off her personal connections by having guests such as, Lee Juk, Lee Seung Gi, 2AM, Sung Si Kyung, K.Will, Kim Tae Woo, Leessang, ZIA, Sunny Hill, Ra.D, HaHa, Noh Hong Chul, Norazo, Sweet Sorrow, Baechigi, Mighty Mouth, Huh Gak, and Two Months. Also, her concerts became a hot issue for having soccer player Park Ji Sung, her best friend Yoo In Na and her boyfriend Ji Hyun Woo visit.

After successfully finishing her tour, IU commented, “When I first started the concerts, I felt very nervous and uneasy. But thanks to my fans and the audience members who came to the concerts, I was able to finish the tour. I felt like I grew more from the tour, and from now on, I will try hard to become a singer that shines the most on stage.”

Meanwhile, IU will release her second Japanese single ‘You&I‘ on the 18th and will focus on her promotions abroad.

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