Senin, 23 Juli 2012

IU writes a handwritten letter for Two Months’ Do Dae Yoon

A thoughtful handwritten letter from soloist IU to Two MonthsDo Dae Yoon has been belatedly revealed.

The photos surfaced on various online community sites and has caught the attention of many as it showed the close relationship between the two.

IU wrote:

Do Dae Yoon~ Thank you for coming all the way to Jeonju in order to help me! You should turn the audience members into fans of Two Months with your great performance!! Do you like Spiderman, by any chance? I’m sorry if you don’t. This is a wallet for you, but please use it even if you don’t like it. Do well today!!

Do Dae Yoon and fellow member Kim Yerim were invited as a special guest for IU’s nationwide tour in Jeonju on June 16th. The two had taken their time off to perform on stage for IU’s concert, explaining the reason behind the letter and present.

Netizens left various comments like, “I’m jealous of Do Dae Yoon“, “I want to see them perform on stage together“, “I never knew they were close“, and more.

Source & Image: Korean Economy via Nate

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