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KARA’s Gyuri coolly reprimands anti-fans on Twitter

While most idols usually choose to ignore the hatemail they receive on the internet, KARA‘s leader Gyuri decided to calmly fire back at anti-fans on Twitter today with a wise anecdote about the Buddha.

Just hours before, the idol tweeted a few posts in response to the negative messages that she received on the social media site.

“I can’t understand what goes on in the heads of people who throw a mention at me, and put words that they know I would dislike just for fun. They say it’s just a joke, but they never think twice about what it feels like on the receiving end, are their thoughts that immature[?] What kind of response is it that they want to see from me?

Religion is not unrelated to today’s story – this happened when the Buddha was alive. One day, a gangster man went to the Buddha and cursed at him. But [the Buddha] seemed to not mind.

Instead he continued, ‘Whenever a customer comes in, the server would give the customer food… if the customer doesn’t accept it, who does it belong to?’ The man replied, ‘Of course, it’s mine again.’

Then the Buddha spoke softly, ‘In the same way, you hurl insults at me, but I don’t receive them. They still remain with you.’ The man knelt down and prayed to the Buddha.”

Gyuri concluded her series of tweets with a direct message toward the anti-fans at hand.

“If I say or write other negative things … it makes me carry hearts filled with these unhappy moments; instead of happiness, I would absorb the misery and waste my time with such people. There is someone who probably had an unhappy time today, but for me, I lived my life to the fullest even today, so I’m going to take a deep rest!

I will give back in double to my family and those that have faith and love for me. In the spirit of sharing good things with others hehe we did well today too good night!”

We’ve gotta give it to Gyuri for giving such a calm retort. It’s awesome to see idols put down haters and remain inspiring at the same time!

Source: Twitter

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