Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

KARA’s Nicole confesses she has a phobia of appearing on variety shows

KARA‘s Nicole made a surprising confession by revealing that she prefers to avoid appearing on variety programs.

Nicole participated as a guest on the July 21st broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Talk Show Do Dream‘, where she revealed, “I have a phobia of variety programs.”

I still lack fluency in my Korean, so I have this phobia of appearing on variety shows. I also have a phobia of appearing on Japanese programs ever since we began promotions in Japan two years ago.

She continued, “I worry whether I’ll make a speech error and am also concerned that people may not understand what I’m saying, so I always end up not talking.”

Upon hearing her confession, fellow guest member Koo Ja Cheol, who is a professional South Korean soccer player, consoled the singer saying, “There’s no need to worry over such a thing. There’s a Japanese player in my team and I asked him about KARA. He told me, ‘They speak Japanese pretty well. It’s also cute when they make a mistake.”

Source & Image: XSports News via Nate

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