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Music Therapy: Confidence Boosters

Everyone has those bummer moments. Whether it's because you've woken up on the wrong side of bed, because natural social disasters are hurdling you into a hurricane of fights, or because haters are trying to drag you down into the pit of exaggerated negativity, sometimes you just don't feel very happy with yourself or with your life. Thankfully, during your days of loneliness and gloom, you have awesome music that can help you think to a different tune, reminding you that you're special, and that anyone who can't see that just can't handle your swag.

In this edition of Music Therapy, we bring you a playlist of confidence-boosting songs while introducing a few that may be underrated among our allkpop community. Take a listen to these electronic beats and deflect the haters, as you whip out your sunglasses, strut your stuff down the boardwalks, and bask in the summer sunlight without a care for what others think.


– PART 1: No Worries –

Psy’s “Right Now”: In order to start actually feeling awesome about yourself, you may need a good pick-me-up first. Super Junior's “Mr Simple” is great to listen to swat or shrug off your problems. For those moments when you want to change yourself for the better, however, Psy may be able to help you out. With his heavily-synthed and hard-hitting tunes, Psy will get you breaking out of your shell and stepping out into the future with a positive mindset to improve–”right now“!

First verse:
Others act bigger, and their girlfriends are prettier,
everything I do is a little awkward.
That doesn't mean I can just die,
or continue to live the way I live.
I even talk with broken accents.

Right now, change 180 degrees, turn and turn,
I'm going to go crazy as of now.
Right now, on top of a 63 story-building and even on top of that
I'm going to just run [to them] from now on.

Additional Recommendations:

HyunA – “Change”

Super Junior – “Mr Simple”

Recommended by shineeemoon on tumblr

– PART 2: Girl Power –

BoA‘s “Girls on Top”: Here’s a real bummer–in many places around the world, including Korea, women are still not fully appreciated as equals to men. If you have been wrongfully discriminated against lately because of your gender or for anything else, there are a handful of songs in the KPop world that remind you that you have a right to be proud of who you are. BoA particularly refuses to be molded by anyone else's expectations. She makes her point clear with both a powerful music video, featuring a girl rising up against the male-dominated world, and an equally strong beat to get you rising up on your own.

2nd Chorus:
I am who I am, nobody can change me.
(I am not the kind of person [you] can easily push around.)
I want to live confidently just the way I am.
(Don't expect me to just be a girl who lives in the shadows.)

Everyone pressures to me to become more feminine.
Don't endure it any longer. Shake it everything, I like that!

Additional Recommendations:

Lee Hyori – “U-Go-Girl”

Girls' Generation – “The Boys”

– PART 3: I Am the Best –

DJ DOC‘s “I’m a Guy Like This”: As many of you have probably already been acquainted with the "bom ratatata"s of 2NE1's popular hit, "I Am the Best", we would instead like to introduce you to DJ DOC’s equally fun tune that tells a similar message–”I’m [an awesome] guy like this!“. Although the song doesn't musically present any interesting twists, its general carefree attitude seen in both its humorous music video and its confident lyrics make it a great song that'll help you "shake, sh-shake" away your doubts and insecurities for a silly dance session. Because–whatever, you do what you want!

It's okay, because it's me.
Because when I learn one thing, I realize ten other things.
Because it's the me who bites when all else fails.
Whether I succeed or fail I live the way I want to.
Because I don't deny it when I was wrong.

I'm a guy like this. If you know it then go crawl.
If not, then rest. If you get it, get out.
That's right, I was always like this, so what are you going to do about it?
I'm a guy like this!

Additional Recommendations:

Jo Kwo – “I’m Da One”

Recommended by say-bd on tumblr

2NE1 – “I Am the Best”


What kind of songs help you get your swag on? Let us know in the comments below, and leave some suggestions for next time, when we compile a playlist great for appreciating your family and friends during your vacation!

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