Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

Sandara Park snaps a backstage photo with MBLAQ

Just yesterday, MBLAQ held their ‘2012 MBLAQ “The BLAQ% TOUR‘ at the Olympic Hall.

2NE1‘s Sandara Park who attended the concert in support of little brother Chundoong, revealed a photo she took backstage with the members of MBLAQ on her Me2day.

Sandara expressed her excitement saying, “I just got back from the MBLAQ concert! Before the concert I went backstage~ These boys aren’t just handsome on the outside but also have sweet personalities! They’re so so nice and polite, it put me in such a good mood! Their performance was great too! Chundoong said hi to me twice while on stage! And Mir made eye contact with me! I won the lottery today!

Sandara Park and Chundoong are smiling next to each other, while the other members Seungho and Mir are making funny faces and striking the ‘V pose’.

Netizens who came across the picture responded, “I can feel just how much Sandara Park cares about Chundoong“, “Witnessed: Little brother lover lovesick over MBLAQ“, “They’re the supreme sibling team“, and more.

Source + Image: Osen via Naver

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