Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

SISTAR’s Dasom reveals her true weight to be 44kg


SISTAR‘s Dasom revealed her true weight.

Dasom recently informed SportsChosun, “My current weight is 97 pounds (44kg).”

I was 103 pounds (47kg) when we were promoting “Alone“, but I recently lost some weight,” she explained. “I wasn’t trying to lose weight intentionally.”

Dasom explained that before SISTAR began their promotions for “Alone”, she exercised regularly on top of maintaining a diet which consisted of low-calorie & energy boosting foods, such as hardboiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and bananas.

At her tall height of 5’6″, her slim weight is causing some fans to be concerned.

In related news, SISTAR is actively promoting their new summer dance hit, “Loving U“.


Source & Image : SportsChosun via Nate

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