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SISTAR’s Hyorin clears up misunderstandings regarding her informal speech

SISTAR member Hyorin‘s friendly speech has been misunderstood to be impolite.

On the July 14th broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, girl groups SISTAR and T-ara were sharing the things they envied about one another.

T-ara’s Soyeon remarked, “SISTAR’s healthy tans are really attractive, I am really envious of their toned figures.”

Responding to this, Hyorin then informally blurted, “You can tan, then“, creating some controversy amongst viewers.

In Korea, formal speech is used between two individuals in society, especially in front of the camera on broadcast television programs. Therefore, Hyorin’s speech had come across as impolite.

Hyorin explained herself saying, “I was just talking to myself, and I think that caused unintentional misunderstandings.

However, most netizens didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, as they wrote, “I guess the two groups are close“, “Hyorin gave a rather cool response“, “I am envious of Hyorin’s figure too“, and more.

Source & Image : AsiaToday via Nate

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