Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Solbi reveals she was battling depression during her 2 year hiatus

Solbi shockingly confessed that she has been receiving psychiatric treatment during her 2 year hiatus.

On the July 16th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Free Confidence‘, Solbi stated, “While I was resting, I received psychological treatment and read many books. A lot of people were surprised when I told them I was going to a psychologist, but I went confidently. I received treatment for my depression.

Furthermore, Solbi stated that when her psychologist asked her, “How do you relieve stress?“, she answered, “I chat with my friends and drink. However, I worry that I will gain weight so I can’t relieve my stress.

Solbi continued, “My psychologist told me to do something I have never done before and told me to read books.” Solbi revealed she has been immersed in reading books ever since and is always emotionally moved by the saying “Love like you have never loved before.

Finally, Solbi stated, “I used to go shopping a lot, but now I don’t even have the money or desire to do so.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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