Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

Super Junior’s Kangin confirmed for ‘Goong’ musical

After the news of Super Junior‘s Kangin considering a role in the musical ‘Goong‘, SM Entertainment has announced that the member is now confirmed to participate.

On July 19th, officials revealed, “Kangin has been cast as the role of ‘Lee Shin’ in the musical ‘Goong’, which will begin in Japan this September. His casting was just recently confirmed, and he’s already participated in a number of rehearsals.”

They continued, “Kangin has experience as the leading role in the 2008 musical ‘Xanadu‘. He’s a talented guy so we believe that he’ll do well in ‘Goong’ as well.”

On rumors of him being cast in the musical ‘Late-Night Diner‘, they replied, “It’s true that he received a casting offer from the musical, but we haven’t progressed from there yet.”

Source + Photos: Mydaily

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