Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Suzy confesses, “I Still Love You” with new track for ‘Big’ OST

Having received a warm reception from the public since its pilot a few weeks ago, the KBS drama ‘Big‘ has just released a new single off its original soundtrack (OST), featuring none other than its own cast member, miss A maknae Suzy!

As the actress behind Jang Mari, Suzy shares the innermost emotions of her character through “I Still Love You“, a simple ballad that shares the pain of unrequited love. Starting out with a few low notes and a simple piano melody, the song is gently strengthened by strings and percussion at the chorus.

Listen to the beautiful song below –

Fans of the drama can also look forward to fellow castmate and co-star Gong Yoo, who also has his own OST track in the works.

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