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allkpop Playlist: Big Bang

In celebration of Big Bang‘s 6th anniversary and G-Dragon‘s belated birthday allkpop wanted to dedicate a playlist just for Big Bang. Instead of our usual ‘Saturday Night Party Playlist‘ lets enjoy some Big Bang’s greatest hits!


Big Bang- Last Farewell

Last Farewell is the title track to their massively successful second mini-album, ‘Hot Issue‘. Aside from it being a Big Bang classic, this song features the now infamous, T.O.P “finger twirl” move.

Big Bang- LA-LA-LA

As long-time VIPs will attest, some members of Big Bang are not that fond of showing their abs/chest etc, unlike many of their contemporaries, except in LA-LA-LA the boys show off their abs, much to the delight of fangirls the world over. LA-LA-LA also finds Big Bang firmly entrenched in a hip-hop/urban beat without much of the electronic sounds they have become more known for.

T.O.P- Turn It Up

After the release of T.O.P‘s first solo digital single, fans were expecting an album, over a year later fans are still waiting.  Although the MV was banned for the use of branded items in the lyrics and visuals, the black and white stylish video still became very popular.  The fact that most of the figurines and toys in the MV are from T.O.P‘s own collection is a comic dichotomy to his generally suave and debonair image.

Taeyang- Where U At

Critics have dubbed Taeyang’s first solo album, ‘Hot‘ as arguably one of the best albums in recent times.  His follow-up digital single, “Where U At“, brought more of the hard-hitting beats and dazzling choreography that made Hot such an epic album. It is truly a feast for the eyes and ears.

Seungri- Strong Baby

As the group’s maknae, Seungri is sometimes overshadowed by the groups older members.  However, he put all the naysayers to rest with the release of his first solo digital single, “Strong Baby“.  Though originally meant for 2NE1, Seungri captured the hearts of VIPs and made new fans with his confident and sexy performances.

G- Dragon- Heartbreaker

In the fall of 2009, Big Bang’s leader was the second member to release a solo album. Despite being besieged in controversy, the album would go on to be Big Bang’s best selling album (at that time) and one of the best-selling of the year.  With his second solo album due out in a few days, all eyes are on G-Dragon to see if he can top ‘Heartbreaker‘.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of their MVs, what’s your favorite Big Bang MV?

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