Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

B2ST members reveal how they maintain great teamwork

The members of B2ST revealed they use ‘group chats’ to maintain their great teamwork.

During their interview with star lifestyle magazine @star1, the members stated, “We almost think it’s troublesome that we have such a good relationship with each other.

In order to maintain a good bond, the members revealed they use Kakao Talk to chat with each other. When asked, “What do you think would happen if your chat rooms were visible to fans?Hyunseung humorously replied, “Our fans would leave us.”

Yoseob explained, “We send each other pictures of ourselves with hilarious facial expressions to make each other laugh, but our fans wouldn’t like them.

Junhyung then jokingly added, “That’s why I’m gathering all of Yoseob’s photos to put on display.” Yoseob replied, “But I’m being good to you right now,” causing the rest of the members to laugh.

During the same day, B2ST had a fashion photo shoot on the roof of a 42-floor building. Although it could have been a difficult considering the sudden heat wave, the members kept the scene alive with their continual singing and jokes. However, when the camera began to roll, the members transformed into serious models, receiving praise from the staff members for their high level of professionalism.

Source + Image: Hankook Kyungje via Nate

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