Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Big Bang’s Seungri dances to Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

Big Bang‘s Seungri released his own version of Psy‘s “Gangnam Style“.

The singer posted a video via his personal me2day page on August 20th and wrote, “Big Bang’s Seungri has attempted Psy hyung’s “Gangnam Style” dance that has taken the world by storm. Psy hyung… even if you become a world star.. don’t forget about me. What kind of style are all of you?”

Seungri displayed his own sense of humor and adorable maknae charm as he attempted the ‘horseback riding’ dance in his video, capturing the hearts of his noona fans.

Check out his dance below!

Source & Image : Seungri‘s me2day

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