Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

Byul to join fiance HaHa’s agency!

It has recently been revealed that HaHa‘s fiancee, Byul, will be joining his entertainment company.

A representative of HaHa’s agency, QUAN Entertainment stated, “Our agency is like a family. If she marries HaHa then of course the two of them will work together.“ They continued, “Byul is preparing to hopefully release an album in October before the wedding.

During a press conference held on the 15th, HaHa also stated, “Byul is planning to release an album with my agency soon. All of the preparations have been completed.

Byul, who debuted as a female solo artist in 2002, released a single track titled ‘Smile and Smile‘ last October with the group Wasabi Sound.

Meanwhile, HaHa and Byul were revealed to have been acquainted for eight years, but the couple only started their relationship this past March. Their wedding is planned for November 30th this year!

Source + Image: Xsports News, Hankook Ilbo via Daum
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