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Coffee Break: Psy (underrated version)

If I had to pick one K-pop artist who is underrated, I would have to say, hands-down, Psy. Before there was “Gangnam Style” that made a breakthrough to even foreign audiences, Psy was known as the artist with a rather unattractive body figure who was more than frequently shoved under-the-rug and placed behind perfectly crafted idols. But with the unexpected blow-up of his recent hit song, Psy is finally at a place where he deserves to be, on the top.

Psy once revealed during an interview that he had prepared for his debut since 1990s but his actual debut was in 2002 with his first album, ‘Psy From The Psycho World!‘ (which was released in 2001). And just as he is now, Psy was infamously known for his “gangster” (yang-ah-chi in Korean) image and was ridiculed for having unflattering visuals. On top of that, his rough reputation brought along various rumors regarding his education (he graduated from Berkely College of Music), rumors of dating female idols, and was charged for use of drugs.

However, after serving in the military and participating in volunteer events, Psy was once again on his to the top in his roller coaster life. And it was not long after when Psy was dubbed the ‘master of concerts’ as his powerful energy on stage acted as an endorphin to the audience. Those who experienced Psy on stage reviewed it to be an ‘unforgettable’ experience and many even have admitted that they have become a ‘fan’.

“Let’s Play” (2001)

His energetic mannerisms on stage is not the only thing that Psy had up his sleeves. He is a well known singer-songwriter in the industry who writes and produces most of his songs. Psy has also produced many hit songs such as “Because You’re My Woman” sung by Lee Seung Gi, “Cinderella” sung by Seo In Young, and even “I’m a Guy Like This” sung by DJ DOC. Psy’s “Entertainer” was of no exception.

“Entertainer” illustrates a love story of a man who is crushing on a ‘beautiful lady’ who is willing to make a fool out of himself and become an ‘entertainer’ who will sing, dance, and even produce a comical movie for the one he loves. Although the man seems a bit pathetic and unrealistic, the way Psy sings the song makes it an triumphant proclamation of a confident man who is not afraid of giving it all. As explained before, the stage presence that Psy has is amazing and it’s hard not to dance along to his exciting tunes.

Psy is knowingly famous for his exciting, eccentric, powerful, and upbeat tracks like “Champion” or “Bird“. However, Psy also has mid-tempo, jazzy, tracks such as “One who Loves to Drink” featuring LeeSSang (21+). This song illustrates the perfect awkward moment when you’re at a romantic bar, but you’re only with friends of the same-gender. It is the perfect song for when you want to relieve of your stress with a couple of shots. If you’re under-aged, let’s just all get tipsy off of the mellow atmosphere of the song. Watch out for Psy’s classy burp at the end.

“One who Loves to Drink” feat. LeeSSang

Something to pay attention to in Psy’s album are the featuring artists. He either goes for the amazingly talented such as Sung Shi Kyung, G-DragonYoon Do Hyun, or the fun and comedic concept such as No Hong Chul. “Shake It” with No Hong Chul is just a fun, hectic, song to move along to. What attracts the song even more are the addicting choreography compiled of various random dances (i.e. No Hong Chul Dance). For “those who are lonely“, “who are going to go crazy“, or “those who wants get crazy“, I highly recommend this song. Watch their practice video here you won’t be able to contain your laughter.

Shake It” Featuring No Hong Chul

Psy is now one of the leading artists that are garnering interest from not only Korean native audience but has now expanded to even overseas with his over-the-top stage performances and choreography. His recent song, “Gangnam Style” was even mentioned by popular hip-hop artist T-pain not once, not twice, but three times. This is a great opportunity for Psy to not only promote the hallyu wave but to gain interest in his past, unnoticed, but amazing songs. The year 2012 has been the prime year for this artist and while it may seem like he has already reached his peak to those who recently came across his music, but for those who have already been a fan of Psy knows the unlimited potential that he has. But as far as we know, Psy’s songs will remain a legend.

Additional Recommendations:

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