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EXID digitally releases new album, ‘Hippity Hop’

Rookie group EXID released their comeback mini-album ‘Hippity Hop‘.

Excitement has risen as EXID’s first mini-album was released in the digital form today.  There has been much anticipation for this album as producers Ji In and Won Taek and even B2ST‘s Junhyung have participated in it.

In particular the title song, “I Feel Good“, was written by hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger. It has a addictive chorus with a dynamic format to create a fun song.

To match the song, the group has perfected their singing, dancing, and appearance, launching them to the levels of other talented girl groups.

A representative of the company commented, “To show all the different charms of the members of EXID, this album “Hippity Hop” contains an assortment of songs. Everyone has put their heart and soul into each and every song“.

With fans excited for the group’s comeback, the mini-album will first be released online. Then the hard-copy album will be on sale in store on the 14th with the full music video  revealed on the 15th.

EXID will also be holding a small showcase on the 15th for their fans.

Check out a few select tracks below.

“I Feel Good”

“I Feel Good” (RT Remix)

“Think About”

Source & Image: Eto via Nate

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