Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

F.CUZ makes their comeback with “Dreaming i” on ‘Music Core’!

Idol group F.CUZ has returned with a new digital single titled, 'Dreaming i (Child)'. This digital single is filled with genuine lyrics and honest stories, and the majestic strings meet with the tune of the piano to create a hope-filled melody of an uptempo ballad track. The MV was recently deemed unfit to broadcast on TV.

Monday Kiz leader Lee Jin Sung who wrote and composed the song also participated in producing this track, and the melody was created with the help of Junyoung.

In the song, the members sing of their strong determination to work and reach their dream of singing, and the song displays the more matured side of the boys who are bravely taking a step forward, putting their past struggles behind them.

The hope-filled message will help those who have lost their drive to once again set new goals and new dreams this summer.

Check out their comeback stage below, as well as the rest of today's performances here!


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