Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

IU shares a photo sticker taken with her close friends Thunder & Haemi

Singer IU posted a photo sticker she took with her closest friends.

On August 10th, the singer shared the above photo on her personal Twitter page and wrote, “Releasing photos in celebration of Haemi unni’s birthday. Sunggoo, Haemi, hurry up and debut. It would be nice if we could all do a talk show together ♥

In the photo with IU were MBLAQ‘s Thunder, and FIESTAR member Haemi who is under the same agency as IU. With her adorable poses, IU lived up to her nickname as the ‘nation’s little sister’, while Thunder who has known IU since her trainee days looked like a handsome animé character with his blonde hair. The four had also written, “Let’s make a lot of money and buy Lotte World!”, evoking laughs amongst IU’s Twitter followers.

Netizens responded by writing, “How does she manage to look so cute“, “So jealous. I want to be in there too,” and “I’ll buy you Lotte World!”

Source & Image : IU‘s Twitter, SportsChosun via Nate,

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