Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012

Juniel talks about her musical ambitions in ‘Elle Girl’

Juniel has captured the hearts of her fans with her whimsical and doll-like looks for ‘Elle Girl‘ magazine.

Her unruly hair adds nothing but character to her look when combined with other natural pieces like denim shirts and lace skirts, creating an overall lovely style that definitely looks different from her image on stage.

Juniel’s received much love since the release of her debut mini-album, ‘My First June‘, and recently participated in the drama OST for ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘. When asked who she was most excited to see, the young star chose BoA, explaining, “I visited her waiting room to deliver my CD. While waiting in front of her door, I thought my heart was about to explode.”

On her music, she expressed, “Like I always have, I want to create songs out of things I feel and think about. I want to pursue music for the rest of my life and become the best singer-songwriter possible.”

Source + Photos: SPHK via Naver

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