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‘K-Pop Star’ season 1 contestants finalize contracts with respective agencies

The contestants of SBS audition program ‘K-Pop Star‘ are getting ready to make their respective debuts.

The talented TOP 10 finalists of the recently concluded first season of ‘K-Pop Star’ have all signed with some of the top agencies in the industry.

SuPearls member Lee Seung Joo, and fellow contestant Goo Joon Hee have signed with YG Entertainment, and have now become label mates with fellow ‘K-Pop Star’ season 1 alumni Lee Ha Yi, Lee Seung Hoon, Michelle Lee, and Lee Jung Mi.

Additionally, finalist Kim Woo Sung who captivated the ladies with his handsome appearance and unique vocals signed with Polaris Entertainment, home to singer Kim Bum Soo and Ivy, while Matthew Kim who was a member of ‘Playboys’ on K-Pop Star’ signed with DSP Media, the label housing girl groups KARA and Rainbow.

Lim Da Young who drew attention for her doll-like appearance signed with Starship Entertainment, where ‘K-Pop Star’ TOP-9 finalist Kim Na Yoon is now calling home.

Thus, a total of 15 season 1 contestants have signed contracts with different agencies, while a number of others are continuously meeting with labels to find the agency right for them.

Meanwhile, ‘K-Pop Star’ will be traveling to New York, LA, London, Australia, Vancouver, and more to find hidden gems all over the world, and the new season will begin airing this November.

Source & Image : FinancialNews via Nate

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