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Kim Soo Hyun and miss A’s Suzy reunite for ‘High Cut’

The lovebirds of the hit drama ‘Dream High‘, Kim Soo Hyun and miss A‘s Suzy, recently reunited for High Cut‘s latest magazine spread.

For the pictorial, Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy went on a trip to New Zealand, acting as a couple for the photo shoot. In response to her reunion with Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy commented, “It was nice seeing each other after so long, and we worked well together.”

The pre-released photos show the two fishing, camping, and biking. Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy perfectly pulled off the couple concept with their adorable eye contact and skinship. What caught the eyes of netizens is how good they look together with their tall heights and gorgeous looks.

Fans commented, “Song Sam Dong and Go Hye Mi are back together again,” “When will you act together again,” and “You guys look good together.”

The full ‘High Cut’ pictorial will be released on the 16th.

20120813_kimsoohyun&suzy_highcut 20120814_kimsoohyun_suzy_highcut1 20120814_kimsoohyun_suzy_highcut2 20120814_kimsoohyun_suzy_highcut3 20120814_kimsoohyun_suzy_highcut4

Source + Image(s): TV Report via Naver

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