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Lee Min Ho was motivated by actor Yoo Seung Ho’s success?

On the August 15th episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, actor Lee Min Ho revealed that his childhood friend actor Yoo Seung Ho‘s success provoked his desire to succeed.

When asked if he was close to Yoo Seung Ho as a child, Lee Min Ho responded that they both started out as child stars on the childrens’ show ‘Magic Warriors Mir and Gaon‘. Regarding their popularity at the time, he said, “When we were younger, we were the ‘presidents of elementary schoolers’. We were elementary school kids at the time too, but we were popular among our peers.

When asked, “How did you feel when Yoo Seung Ho become successful?” he replied, “Seeing him do so well made me feel proud.

The MCs further questioned: “Were you really proud? Were you not jealous?” Lee Min Ho then stated honestly, “It’s true that it did motivate me a bit.

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