Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Past photos of Hoya and Suzy on audition program ‘Superstar K’ surface!

Recently, pre-debut photos of INFINITE‘s Hoya and miss A‘s Suzy surfaced on the web and are gaining much attention.

The photos were screenshots of the ‘Superstar K Complete Mastery‘, a show produced in order to summarize the complete history of audition program ‘Superstar K‘ up until the last season. The episode gained extra attention as it showed the audition clips of INFINITE’s Hoya, miss A’s Suzy and Jewelry‘s Semi.

Airing the 13th, the special feature will reveal the ‘Top 32′ most memorable contestants in Superstar K seasons 1 through 3, chosen by viewers. Among the 32 will be Hoya, Suzy and Semi.

After seeing the past appearances of the artists netizens stated, “They look completely the same as now. They’re both so cute“, “I guess Suzy and Hoya were still auditioning as of then“, “Superstar K has bad taste. They let Suzy slip through their hands“, and more.

Source + Image: Review Star, Wstarnews

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