Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Photos of Son Dambi on set for Descente pictorial revealed

Pictures of sexy queen Son Dambi on set for her photoshoot have been revealed.

Son Dambi has been an exclusive model for two years for the Descente sports brand and a photoshoot for the fall/winter season took place at Hangang Park.

For this pictorial, she successfully pulled off the concept of making the sportswear look chic, yet sporty. She perfectly showed off her sexy aura and also her athletic side, earning her applause from the staff members on set. She was a natural in this shoot since she has always enjoyed fitness activities including sports such as boxing and running.

Her unedited pictures showed off toned abs and a slim perfect body that was crafted by athletic sports. We can also feel the fun atmosphere of the set by seeing how natural and comfortable she looked while working.

A staff member from Descente said, “Because Son Dambi has been a model for Descente for two years, her experience has led her to enjoy and be comfortable on set.” The staff continued, “I feel like the chic active sportswear look was well pulled off by her because of how she usually enjoys exercising.

The pictorial for the fall and winter season will be revealed in the beginning of September on Descente’s website.

On another note, the singer has successfully transformed into an actress for the drama ‘Light and Shadow‘ and is preparing a comeback to the music scene in the fall after a two year hiatus.

20120819_sondambi_pictorial 20120819_sondambi_pictorial2


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