Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Readers’ Picks: Favorite Choreography

Last week some of the staff members revealed their favorite choreography through our latest edition of 'Staff Picks'. Now that we have shared our picks, we wanted to hear about your favorite choreography through this new original feature, 'Readers' Picks'

Few days ago we compiled a list of 15 after reading through 857 of your suggestions and added the 7 from our previous list for a total of 22 to choose from!

The voting has ended and check out the  top 7 for Readers' Picks: Favorite Choreography!


1) Super Junior- Sorry Sorry [14,316]

2) SHINee- Sherlock [12,825]

3) Psy- Gangnam Style [12,737]

4) Girls’ Generation- Gee [10,969]

5) INFINTE- BTD [10,336]

6) TVXQ- Mirotic [9,426]

7) B2ST- Fiction [9,014]

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