Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Solbi pre-releases “Reverse Speaking” ahead of full mini-album reveal

Ahead of the release of her first comeback mini-album in three years, Solbi has pre-released a digital single titled “Reverse Speaking” to officially mark her return.

As a medium tempo track, the song shows her turning point into a more mature image. The song was produced by hit composer Song Yang Ha, who has previously placed at the top on the Oricon chart through her work with Kuraki Mai, as well as working with top artists like After School, Shin Hye Sung, and Kim Gun Mo.

Singing about a painful break up, the song’s about a woman’s desperate wish for her man to give her some truth before they part ways. The title is in reference to her desire to turn back the time and reverse their actions to avoid the pain of reality.

Check out the song below, and be sure to support the artists by purchasing the song here. Solbi’s full mini-album drops on August 23rd, so stay tuned!

Source + Photos: Soribada

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