Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

[Spoiler] T-ara’s Jiyeon spotted on ‘The Thousandth Man’?

T-ara‘s Jiyeon made a surprise appearance in fellow member Hyomin‘s MBC fantasy drama, ‘The Thousandth Man‘!

Jiyeon was spotted on the TV screen during the drama’s August 17th broadcast as ‘Han Lee Seul’, an actress that had hidden her identity as a nine-tailed fox. Hyomin watches the footage of Jiyeon on TV, finding out that had suddenly disappeared with just three livers left to eat as her time of 1,000 years had expired.

Hyomin’s character, ‘Gu Mimo’, remarked, “All she had left was three livers and yet she couldn’t wait it out.” Her mother, ‘Gu Misun’, also sarcastically added, “How immature of her. She shouldn’t have brought attention on herself like that and now she’s disappeared without having fulfilled her count of livers.”

The fantasy sitcom is about a family of nine-tailed foxes working to become fully human by consuming the livers of a thousand men.

Source & Image: Star N News via Naver

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