Minggu, 19 Agustus 2012

‘Sunny 10′ unveils photo of EXO-K from the set of upcoming CF

Previously, EXO-K was seen filming for an upcoming CF for ‘Sunny 10‘, a new brand of drinks from Coca Cola. ‘Sunny 10′ has recently followed up with the official announcement of selecting EXO-K as their endorsement model, and also revealed a new photo of the boys.

Coca Cola announced, “With the six different charms of the six members of EXO-K, we are planning to show off a more fresh image.”

Having added Sunny 10 in addition to Calvin Klein Jeans, Ivy Club, and The Face Shop, to the list of their endorsement activities, the group is quickly rising as the industry’s next ‘CF dark horse’.

Stay tuned for their upcoming CF!

Source + Photo: Sports Korea

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