Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Ulala Session’s Yuntaek talks about the progress of his anticancer treatments

On the August 14th episode of KBS‘s ‘Win Win‘, Ulala Session‘s Yuntaek updated fans on the progress of his anticancer treatments.

Yuntaek revealed, “I’ve currently received up to 20 sessions of anticancer treatments. I heard that the record was 54 treatments, so at this rate, I hope to break the record while I’m at it,” displaying his positive mindset despite his fight with the illness.

He continued, “Honestly, after one examination, I turn into a mummy for the week after. The feeling is about a dozen times worse than the hangovers you get after a night of drinking. I’m up to stage two in my medication.”

Yuntaek also discussed the struggles he has gone through and the hateful comments he has received from those who believe him to be faking his illness on the same episode.

We wish him strength!

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate

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