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ZE:A to simultaneously release new single ‘Phoenix’ in both Korea & Japan

Idol group ZE:A will be following up with new single, ‘Phoenix‘.

The boys’ agency Star Empire turned to ZE:A’s fan site to inform fans of the group’s follow-up activities to take place after promotions for their 2nd album ‘Spectacular‘ come to an end.

According to the fan site announcement, ZE:A will be taking a week-long break following this week’s music program performances and will release their new single album ‘Phoenix’ in both Korea and Japan August 27th.

‘Phoenix’ is reported to consist of five tracks total, including an R&B version of their 2nd album title song “Aftermath“, “Heart For 2“, and “Exciting”, and more.

A representative from Star Empire remarked, “At the time the boys promoted ‘Aftermath’, they focused on expressing mature emotions with their dramatized stage performances, but for their ‘Phoenix’ promotions, the boys will be displaying a fierce and powerful synchronized choreography. The song sings of the members’ fierce desire to never give up and one day reach the summit, and ZE:A will be displaying a whole new side to themselves that’s completely different from their “Aftermath” image.”

The rep added, “The Japanese version of ‘Phoenix’ has a different concept from the Korean version. Taking into consideration the fan base and market tendencies in each country, the album jackets images, the subtracks, and more may be a little different.

Meanwhile, ZE:A will be partaking in advance promotions in Japan starting August 24th.

Source & Image : OSEN

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